Guide Recovery Meditations ~ One Day at a Time

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We say to ourselves "I can't stand being alone with myself," or "I hate myself.

This false self is the creation of other people's words and deeds that caused us to hide our True Self. This hiding takes many forms, from physically isolating to being emotionally unavailable to ourselves and others.


And when it becomes too toxic, we begin to seek help in order to find a new way of living. In ACA we begin to question why we allow our false self to have so much control.

Recovery Meditation: Spoken word for surgery, illness, pain, sickness healing visualization

ACA brings us the knowledge that we are all gifted human beings who did not deserve what we got as children. On this day I will recognize when my abusive false self is in control.

57 Addiction Recovery Quotes and Sayings to Live By

Self-pity can arise from living in our expectations instead of in the world as it actually is. When the world doesn't measure up to our expectations, it's often our expectations that need adjusting, not the world.

We can start by comparing our lives today with the way they used to be, developing gratitude for our recovery. We can extend this exercise in gratitude by counting the good things in our lives, becoming thankful that the world does not conform to our expectations but exceeds them.

Just for Today Meditation

And if we continue working the Twelve Steps, further cultivating gratitude and acceptance, what we can expect in the future is more growth, more happiness, and more peace of mind. We've been given much in recovery; staying clean has paid off. Acceptance of our lives, just for today, frees us from our self-pity.